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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

As a medically diagnosed anxious person, I have a couple of triggers that arouse THE FEAR. Fire caused by my hair straighteners is, for no reason that I know of, one of them. Another is the topic of babies. Not because I don’t like kids – kids are hilarious - but because what if I can’t have them and my husband leaves me for someone that can?

Society has lead us to believe that women over a certain age are kidding themselves if they think they can naturally conceive a healthy child. This age used to be 35. More recently, it’s dropped to 27. TWENTY. SEVEN. That's super young. And as for escaping this worry? Well, the entertainment industry - supposedly designed for escapism - hasn’t helped matters. How many seemingly innocent TV shows must I watch about a group of female friends, one of which will inevitably find out she’s infertile - sometimes without it even being in any way related to her character arc, or the storylne at hand - and that her dreams of natural conception have been dashed (Hey there Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Sex and the City, Pretty Little Liars, Rules of Engagement, New Girl, need I go on?)

Come on world, give us a break

With Harry and Meghan announcing THE BEST NEWS EVER yesterday, there has been an expected flurry of social media and press activity speculating on Meghan’s age, and the miracle of her quick conception, even though she’s like, basically dead in biological terms, at the ancient age of 36

Amidst that activity, I came across an article that I found pretty interesting, and that I think is well worth reading if you’re a woman below the age of 45, panicking about how quickly you’re getting through the life stages, because your eggs are obviously drying up real fast.

The article is kinda soothing, as it shares that the data sets used to determine the running out of our clock is from a time before electricity (ie, it’s outdated), and that the infertility split is closer to 50/50, rather than the 99.9% female infertility vs men with perfect sperm that TV would have us believe

The article can be found here. I'll leave it to do the rest of the talking.

L xxx

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  1. well I tell you what I am 42 and I had my baby at 40 years old ! I used to go to hospital every week because I am diabetic, I have blood pressure, anxiety (like you ) etc. so I was at 'high risk' (not because of my age but because of health issues) and a few of my lovely midwives from back then kept telling me, pretty much every week, that my age was not an issue to have a baby and most of all I though I was the oldest in my hospital group turned out I was not. I mean the majority were in their 20's or 30's but other ladies were even older than me some were having their first baby like me!!! Indeed the society made us believe that after 30 you are already too old for a kid . Bullshit ! The truth its that it cost more money to NHS to look after women over 35 that s one truth . My midwives used to tell me that as long as your body keep creating eggs that mean you are healthy enough to have a child (in most case) fuck society you are going to be just fine. And I tell you what I am so happy to have wait my 40's to have a child as I was not ready before that. My body my choice. If you want to DM me , I am happy to chat :)



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