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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

A 'deleting old tweets and need somewhere to store these random memories' photo dump. You are WELCOME

Row 1
2014 face | 'Gingerbread milk' - a recipe concocted with an old {amazing} housemate. Simply warm some milk, stir in some gingerbread syrup, and sprinkle with cinnamon. DIVINE | I lived with a dog sitter. This little guy had an inner ear problem that made him walk around with a permanent head tilt. He was very cuddly and I loved him | Just a teddy abandoned on a traffic light in Knightsbridge. Standard

Row 2
My mum's youngest pup | a 'lion' the aformentioned housemate and I spotted in a gallery in Barcelona. We laughed at this picture a lot. A LOT | Catsitting this ginger ninja with D, back in London, right at the start of our relationship |  That same young pup, lookin' fly

Row 3
My old man, content with his dog free life | My old man, not too happy about this dog joining the fam | Said dog as a teeny tiny woofer | And Dobby the house elf, wearing elmo to bed

Row 4
I used to have really long hair | The first bunch of flowers D ever bought me, sent to my office the night after I turned up at his house to make him dinner and nurse him through a cold. The card said 'to my elfin nurse' | My mum's dog, who would snuggle me in the night, weighed about the same as a small elephant, and once peed in my bag. RIP big guy, you are missed | The cat that came with an AirBnB we stayed at in Brighton. What a treat

Row 5
Aaaaand, last but certainly not least, three of the best decisions I ever made: to purchase two tiny balls of fluff to anchor me, and to say yes to a northern man that got down on one knee in a dining room he'd filled with candles, and asked me to be his wife, using the words 'I found this amazing thing in London... it was you.' {He was not dressed as he is in that last photo, this was an outfit we put together to make him look like an extra from The Notebook, ha}. What a lucky person I am ♥️


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