Dear Godchild

Thursday, 18 October 2018

We will never be perfect godparents.

Here is why:
We are not religious

We do not believe in accrediting our achievements to a higher being

We don't know the words to the songs.


Here is what we can do:
We can always be around if you need us

We can cook your favourite foods when you come to visit

We can buy you things with unicorns on them

And we can always sneak you an extra chocolate bar

We can help with future schoolwork, should you ever need it

Lend you books that will broaden your world

And let you walk our dogs {once you're big enough to control them}

We can offer guidance of a non-spirtual kind

Sing songs of a non-religious persuasion {T Swift & Ed Sheeran being our specialty, we real basic}

Celebrate your achievements {made without the hand of god}


Most importantly

Always love you.

We will never be perfect godparents, but we'll do our best to be a perfect aunt and uncle

Even if that means taking selfies with you, at your insistence, during mealtimes...

Unless we're also eating. That time is sacred.


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