We Are Those Dog Owners That...

Thursday, 13 September 2018

… treat our dogs like they're people

… and humanise their every move

… including paying an absolute fortune to put them in ‘daycare’ while we work,

… and checking in with ‘daycare’ to make sure they’re doing ok

… and cooing loudly on trains when pictures pop up of our dogs ‘making friends’

… whilst simultaneously asking one another whether we think our dogs are ‘well adjusted’ enough and ‘do you think the other dogs like them?’ as well as ‘are our dogs a bit stuck up, is that why they’re always pictured alone?’

... as though they are children, trying to settle in at school

... and we are their overbearing parents, panicking in the background

... which may sound OTT but,

... after all,

… isn’t that the point of dog ownership? To practice being parents?

… at least, that’s what everyone tells me

… which is concerning, because

… if these dogs are anything to go by,

… our kids are going to be dead weird.

Photos c/o the girl’s super expensive yet (I hope) very fun doggy daycare. No regrets.

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