The Wonder of Booths

Friday, 7 September 2018

When I first moved to the north, my posh friend Samantha was all 'oh my GOD, now you get to experience BOOTHS!' which meant absolutely nothing to me, as I'd never heard of the place before that moment. I searched high and low for all of five minutes, before giving in, and promptly forgetting that Booths existed.

And then we went on our mini moon. And my mind was blown.


I mean, is some of the stuff they sell a bit weird? Yes

Does it all feel a bit extreme and mildly stuck up? Yes

Was I prepared to hate it after my first visit? Yes

Did I fall head over heels for it after my second visit? YES. They have a juicing station, they have an olive section, their cheese is heart shaped and they sell Lurpak garlic butter as though it's the most natural thing in the world, which it should be. They even have grapes that reportedly taste like cotton candy. In the words of Queer Eye's Jonathan, CAN YOU BELIEVE?

We visited Booths for every day of our mini-moon, and I was very sad to leave it behind.

I have never loved a supermarket like I love you, Booths. Asda is basically dead to me now

*Stares longingly out the window, reaches for heart shaped cheese, cries quietly about the distance between us*

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