The Wedding: From (Uncle) Dave's Perspective

Friday, 7 September 2018

Dave is a lovely man. He's always smiling and always good for a random chat - most recently about the merits of china teacups over metal ones. The man understands tea.

I was so overwhelmed (in the best way) with everything going on at the wedding last week, that I honestly don't remember if I even interacted with Dave until the next day, when we debriefed in D's parent's back garden, as my bridal party died of shame and hangovers at a table in front of us.

But I do know that he was surrounded all day by great people, and that he's smiling in all the photos I've seen of him. And that he took these pictures to help us document our day.

You're a classy gent, Dave. See you soon for a cuppa

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