The Day Before The Wedding

Thursday, 6 September 2018

It is now one whole week since our big day, and we are not yet divorced. PHEW! We got in from a relaxing few days in the middle of nowhere just this morning, and I am now reunited with my beloved PLL as I plough through hundreds of wedding photos, videos, and all that jazz, ready to turn into photo albums, blog posts, wall to ceiling wall canvasses et al.

I have a lot to share. A LOT. So please, in the word's of Tilly from my beloved Miranda, bear with, bear with.

For now, I shall start from the start, but please, expect this all to jump about. First off, the day before the wedding!!!

It began in the morning, with a clean up of the house, ready for D's guests and groomsmen to arrive the following day. I left him an epic list of things to do for the wedding, and then washed my hands of the whole thing in order to chill with my friends and my mama. It was so relaxing for me, yet not so much for him, by all reports. Ah well ;) (joshing, shame he was stressed, but whatcha gonna do?)

I was driven to my luxury boutique B&B, of which I rented all but one rooms, with my groomsgay, by my new MIL. We settled in quickly, and waited for the others to arrive. Which they did... eventually. Let's just say we had time to watch pretty much all of My Best Friend's Wedding (second time in a week), to take endless selfies, and to take a trip to Booth's - supermarket of my dreams - for 'healthy' snacks.* *Crisps in every flavour to be planted in people's rooms

Once the majority of the party had arrived, we went out for Italian food, which was delicious. We were at a small joint in Chorley called Italian Cottage, and I would 100% recommend

Following dinner, three of us retired to my bedroom, while my mum and the kids went up to bed, and the others continued their journey to us. We spent all night on Snapchat, laughing and being idiotic, drinking tea and chatting about all sorts of things from our 15 - 18 years of friendship

The other's arrived at 11ish, and the hilarity continued until around midnight, when everyone got the boot so the bride could get some sleep... EEK!

It was a very good day. Probably the best I could have asked for in the run up to THE day. I really love my friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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