Saturday, 15 September 2018

Last night, I had planned a hot bath, a hot meal, and an early night. Instead, I ended up drinking and dancing with work friends from 4pm, did not bathe, and had pinot grigio for dinner. I am this morning paying the price. Though to be fair, it's not exactly a high price - I have nutella cake and tea for breakfast, and am under a blanket watching TV, which is how I stumbled across this trailer for new Netflix original, Maniac. I'll give you a few minutes to watch. Worth it, right?

Bio'ed as 'Two struggling strangers connect during a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial involving a doctor with mother issues and an emotionally complex computer,' this show sounds right up my street and, unlike what I'm currently watching (Sierra Burgess Is A Loser #JusticeForBarb) is something I can convince D to binge with me. I'm booking out an entire weekend for it. V excited.

Happy hangover day Saturday loves, have a good one xx

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