Here's To 5 Years Of...

Saturday, 29 September 2018

... Italian food, dog walks, spooning, lie ins, Netflix binges, love and laughter. Possibly babies, a few more cats, couple of otters, you know, all the animals.

And here's to 5 years of trying to remember to document our day to day in my new diary. Stranger things have happened ;)

Which leads me on to a mini photo dump...

No pets on the bed = an ongoing failure

Homemade pie :) Success in that it was (and always is) delish. Not a success in that I burned my arm and am now scarred for life. I call it my wife scar. It is there as a reminder that ordering in is always the best idea. Recipe here

I'm on a strict budget this month, due to going MAD on shopping last month. My whole wardrobe has been updated, though, so...

They think they can't be seen. LOL.

And, finally, get yourself a husband that has a bath waiting after a long work day. Not mine though, he's taken.

Lottie xxx

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