A Week Of Peace & Quiet Pt.1

Thursday, 6 September 2018

For our mini-moon, we had decided to visit London. We were going to do all the things we did when we first met - the London eye, rooftop cinema, all sorts of wild and wacky things that we could handle 3 years ago as yoofs, but that felt extraordinarily exhausting of a concept when we actually sat down to plan as almost newlyweds. Which is how we accepted our fate as golden oldies, and ended up doing 6 days between the Yorkshire moors and the lake district with the dogs, sleeping a lot, eating a lot, reading a lot, bubble bathing a lot, hot chocolating a lot, Brooklyn 99'ing a lot and chatting a lot.

The highlight? Animal Snap - the game for toddlers that I decided to 'make harder' by insisting we make the noise of the snapped animal instead of shouting snap. Spoiler: My brain disengages when excited, leading me to make all the wrong noises. Apparently in my mind cows say meoooooo, rather than just moo. Go figure

The lowlight? A FIVE HOUR HIKE on Sunday. It will have it's own post. I almost divorced him. Not a lie.

As we explained to D's parents earlier today upon dropping off liquorice and prosecco fudge (they cared for our feline babies when we were gone, they are angels) we'd love to go into detail about what we got upto but... you know... we didn't really do anything. It was bliss.

To that end, behold, a mini-moon photo dump. And a cheers to whoever came up with the concept of a mini honeymoon before your honeymoon. That person is a genius.

To be continued...

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