10 Happy Things

Monday, 10 September 2018

Because I had to go back to work today, and I’m feeling kinda fluey

 #1. Puppy snuggles. Although technically neither of ours are pups any longer, they will always be puppies to me (I even call the cats ‘puppy’ sometimes, so there’s no point fighting me on this one)

#2. Candles from Homesense. So fragrant, so inexpensive, so adorably named

#3. When my husband does DIY

#4. And when he sleeps in weird ways. That is my hot water bottle on his face. I don’t know why either

#5. All day Whatsapp banter with my BFF & MOH, Sarah, who is this blog’s number one fan. SHOUT OUT BABY!

#6. Trashy books. Big fan

#7. The cats. Duh

#8. A really good cup of tea

#9. When any indie song circa 2003-2008 comes on in da club

#10. A Netflix binge under a blanket. Because nothing beats doing nothing

Tonight we are off to play badminton (well, he is, I'll drink hot chocolate and read the above chick lit) and then stuff our faces with chips and gravy with batter bits until we fall into comfortable food comas. Which also makes me happy. So very, very happy

What perks you up?

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