We Went To Dublin!

Monday, 13 August 2018

And by we, I mean me and my GBF, an Irish wonder with a soulful voice, hilarious sense of humour, and just the biggest heart.

Originally drafted to sing our first dance song, Thom sadly informed me a few months back that he can't get time off work for the wedding (we pulled it forward a year, and he just moved for a job in Australia, which is kinda far away I hear?) Gutted.

Luckily, he was able to swing it that he had a few weeks off pre-wedding, which he used to come home, and whisk me away to Dublin for the latest in our European tours together (Paris was a roaring success, Barcelona ended in me getting horribly lost and him twisting his ankle... ) It was a lot of fun, though I have to say Dublin is a strange place. Kinda like a 90s time warp... But with loads of donut shops. Like, hundreds of them

I'm not much of a tour guide but, in case you wanted to do Dublin the Thomlotte way, here is what you have to do:
Arrive in the evening and, after a fajita salad, book into a strange little hotel outside of the centre, with a broken TV and a missing iron. Request that the TV be investigated - stand back in confusion as no-one can work out what the issue is. Remove the arial and watch TV without it plugged in - because that makes sense

Go for breakfast donuts at your nearest local extravagant donut store. The options are endless and they are glorious. Doesn't matter where you are or which street you're on, you'll have a store within 10 steps. Trust me

Go on a bike tour of Dublin with a suspect organisation housed within a multi storey car park. Smile and nod as your guide spins you tall tales and washes over the importance of such events as the potato famine. Try not to get run down as she speeds off without you without ever glancing backwards. Google everything she told you once the tour ends. Marvel at how much of it was a lie

Stop for Starbucks after Starbucks after Starbucks

Tour the Guinness factory, despite neither of you being super into Guinness. Because Dublin. Learn how to 'properly taste' the drink using different parts of your tongue. Wonder if you're the only one that doesn't understand what different 'notes' you're meant to be picking up on. Just tastes like Guinness doesn't it?

Meet up with friends for a Bunsen Burger, Ireland's greatest establishment. Delicious burgers with a menu so petite it fits onto a business card, this place was honestly the greatest. Go for the cheeseburger with everything, shoe string fries, and a milkshake *drool*

Go for drinks in a run down pub with a creepy bartender. Extra points if you get one who hovers, and looks a little like he escaped the Addam's Family mansion

Watch TV in bed, fall to sleep early

Wake up and repeat the donut breakfast...

... then repeat Bunsen for lunch...

... And get another Starbucks, before stocking up on Irish Dairy Milk (the BEST)

Marvel at the strangeness of the fashion in all of the stores. Why is everything leopard print? Why does that everyday wear tee look like lingerie? Why is Primark called Pennies?

Gush about how much you love each other

Head home

It's a shame he won't be at the wedding, but I loved spending quality time with the greatest housemate I've ever had. As for Dublin? I'm not sure I'd ever return - I expected Edinburgh style beauty, but it was very much built up. As for D? While I was gone he made his way through a giant pot of home made spag bol I left in the slow cooker, playing video games and hanging with the dogs. Did he even notice I left? Debatable. But that's OK ;)

L xx

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