Thank You Brownies (With Recipe!)

Monday, 20 August 2018

Now, I won't pretend this even compares with the gift D gave me on Fri, but the man loves chocolate, and he loves to be baked for, and he loves to be told 'go play video games for a few hours and leave me to it,' and so, on Sunday afternoon, I thanked him for his kindness with a kindness of my own, and baked a big batch of extra special brownies (extra spesh because I did a lot of toppings, not because of drugs, FYI. Not on god's day guys, calm down) while he shot at trolls or whatever it is he does up in that top bedroom (/sweat box, awful little space) with his mates. My track record with baking is very hit and miss so I wasn't hopeful, however these bad boys were one of the lucky ones, meaning I created something delicious, rather than creating a small fire. HURRAH!

D was beside himself with joy. And after I insisted he have his dinner first (lol what a mum) we sat and ate too much chocolate brownie, before both feeling very sick and very sorry for ourselves. Turns out you can have too much chocolate. They did taste good though, which is why I am sharing the recipe. TA DA!

Adapted from 'best ever chocolate brownies' on BBC Good Food
185g unsalted butter
185g Lindt dark chocolate (70%)
85g plain flour
40g Bourneville cocoa powder
50g milkybar
50g milk chocolate buttons
3 large eggs
275g caster sugar
1 tub Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing
1 bag Maltesers
1 bag Maltesers buttons
1 bag Milky Way Magic Stars
1 bag Galaxy Counters
1 Cadburys flake

1. Cut butter into small blocks, and break up Lindt dark chocolate. Put both into a medium bowl, and rest on top of a pan filled with boiling water. (The bowl should not be touching the water!) Leave to gently melt, stirring occasionally to break up stubborn chunks

2. Once melted, put the chocolate and butter mix to one side to cool

3. Pre-heat your oven - fan 160C/conventional 180C/gas 4

4. Line a 20cm square pyrex dish with baking paper, and put to one side

5. Sieve cocoa powder and flour together into a medium bowl (save your biggest bowl for a later step!)

6. Break up the milky bar and chocolate buttons, and put to one side for later

7. Break eggs into your largest bowl (told you you'd need it) and combine with the caster sugar. Whisk for 3-8 minutes with an electric whisk. Your mixture will become paler as you whisk. If the colour (and consistency - there will be a thickening) hasn't changed, you haven't been going for long enough. Keep at it, slacker

8. Pour the cooled chocolate and butter mix into the eggy mix, folding in in a figure of 8 movement (basically, gently make the number 8 over and over again with your spoon, until the mix is completely combined)

9. Add your sieved flour and cocoa into the bowl, and repeat the '8' movement until combined

10. Stir in milkybar chunks, and buttons

11. Pour into your baking paper lined pyrex dish, and pop in the oven for 25-35 minutes (depending on how reliable your oven is - ours is temperamental, so takes the full 35)

12. When the timer sounds, remove from the oven. If it's hardened on top and has started to pull away from the baking paper on the edges, it's most likely done. Don't forget brownies continue to cook as they cool - don't overbake out of fear (I've done this, it ain't worth it.) Trust the process. And don't blame me if it goes a bit wrong

13. While still hot, spread a thick layer of the fudge icing on top (it will be melty, that's OK)

14. Break up your Cadbury flake, and spread evenly over fudge

15. Throw your maltesers, malteser buttons, counters and magic stars on willy nilly, until it is as pretty as you want it to be

16. Put to one side to cool

17. Eat!

Just got a text to say D has eaten more of the brownie today. News just in is that it's still delicious. God I'm good.

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