My Side Of The Bed Is In The Middle

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

I got this picture of our tabby as I was heading out the door for work this morning, and it just about sums him up. Cute, sleepy, sort of in the way - and zero F's given.

So many people (dog people, mainly, the heathens) have some sort of picture in their minds of cats being boring, aloof, devoid of personality, all that drivel. But this boy? He takes the biscuit when it comes to being exactly the opposite of all of those assumptions. You see, this is his side of the bed. Despite it actually being MY side of the bed, it will always be and always has been his side, because he says so, so there. And when I say he says so, I mean he grumbles and meows and sighs if I dare to be too far over to the right. He places himself in my eyeline until I move should I make the mistake of chillin' in 'his spot,' and every night, at bedtime, he will appear by my side for a cuddle - making it abundantly clear that he both does and does not want me to be there. The does part coming in when he lets off his siren of a cry to let me know it's bedtime should I stay up past 11pm (his internal clock is ON POINT), the doesn't coming in when I encroach a little too much on his personal space, at which point he will leave in a huff (it's the nights he doesn't return that I know I've really messed up)

Time after time we have joked about this cat and his 'side of the bed,' the fact that I now sleep pretty much in the middle, and the piercing wail he emits on those days I dare to watch TV past what he percieves to be a reasonable hour of the day. But do we do anything about it? No we do not. And why? Because look how cute he is.

How could anyone say no to that face?

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