So Halloween Is Kind Of A Thing In The North, Huh?

Thursday, 4 October 2018

I mean, there are pumpkins in the trees in Manchester today, so there really is no other conclusion. (Kinda cute rather than scary though, what with those googley eyes, and is anyone else hoping the pumpkins are secretly pinatas we'll all be asked to beat in return for candy when the daily grind starts to get us down? Because I'm all about that free candy life.)

Anyway, wanted to share these, as they made me smile on the way home from the office tonight. Gonna go have a loooong bath now while D plays badders (er, I mean, badminton) and use this me time to do a clay face mask without protest (he's scared of them, don't ask), read the latest Cormoran Strike mystery, and pretend I didn't buy two new jumpers whilst waiting for my train this evening, during a spending ban...


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