Move Aside, Lobsters

Monday, 1 October 2018

Otters are the new you. You lobster types may mate for life, sure, but otters? Otters fall to sleep holding hands so they don't drift apart. And that's something I can get on board with (as is their tendency to hug kelp like a blanket if no mate is available - I feel you boo)

Cuddly sleeping is the best sleeping. Fact. I may have found my new spirit animal ❤︎ 

In other news: This weekend we celebrated our one month wedding anniversary with a homemade chicken wellington, found out one of D's close friends is having a baby, and got our oldest cat high on catnip. In individual news, D is powering through our home reno finishing touches - he is a machine. And I've lost the ability to hear anything with my right ear. It's happened before, it will pass, but still... Nothing as disorientating as not knowing where sound is coming from. D is taking great pleasure in sneaking up from my right and scaring me. Ho ho ho big man, ho ho ho.

Happy Monday! 

{illustration source unknown - sorry :(}

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