Misheard Things

Friday, 5 October 2018

Because I am still completely deaf on one side (the doctor says it will end soon... ) and it is warping people's sentences

3 misheard things:
This jelly baby is a mess
{Cue thoughts of a brightly coloured jelly person, sobbing into a tub of ice cream}

The next bathroom trend is live animals
{'How would that even WORK?' I demanded loudly, in a brainstorm, surrounded by confused colleagues who had heard the correct wording, which made complete sense}

The Blackburn train is delayed by approximately 16 years
{I mean, it's Northern Rail, this may have been what they said}

And 1 thing I heard very clearly:
D, after studying me for a while... "They look like marbles, your eyes" *sweet grin*
Er... Thanks?

Fingers crossed for functioning ears - and less marbled eyes - soon. This isn't an ideal sitch ;)


PS some WhatsApp convs that made me laugh, because luckily my reading skills are still in tact.

1. Because he knows I couldn't find my way out of a room with one door, and 2. because the pond of secrets thing (our group being called 'the duck pond') made me do a literal LOL. My husband is a funny man. ❤️

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