But WHAT Could Be Causing Such Nightmares? 🤔

Saturday, 6 October 2018

I woke up the night before last, scared out of my wits

I'd had a nightmare

It was about ghosts

Ghosts in my house,

Ghosts all up in my grill,

God damn GHOSTS, pushing me around, using threatening behaviour

To drive me to the top of my house

Where they had evil plans to hurt me.

I woke up D, and I said 'there are ghosts'

He said 'it's OK'

And I went back to sleep.

Which was fine, until 'what could be causing such thoughts?' I wondered, upon waking again

Could it be the mention of Casper, my friend's feline pal, named for the 90's friendliest spectre?

Or could it be the way by own cat, a sassy thing, plays hide and seek by throwing herself at my chair then streaking from the room?

The ominous statement 'someone just jumped on the bed,' uttered by my husband when an animal joined us in the night

Or perhaps the way D sneaks up and pops out from my unhearing side, taking me by surprise?

Or could it be,

And I think this might be the answer,

These slippers.

And the way he leaves them on the stairs



In a way that looks as though someone invisible has been caught in the act of stalking toward my bedroom, misty feet clothed in memory foam?


... Told you I'd married a weirdo.


  1. Probably due to those sleepers. who knows ? The mind can be so tricky .


  2. Not going to lie, the way those slippers are on the stairs I would be a little freaked out too.


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