A Night At The Brass Band

Monday, 15 October 2018

On Saturday, we got gussied up, and went out for the evening. This was officially our first date since our minimoon, which was blimmin' ages ago, thanks to my crazy hectic work schedule {which I only partially regret taking on - you have to get the freelance pennies rolling in when you're about to quit your day job forever} so we were understandably in need of it

As our first formal date in our newly marital status, you'd think we'd choose something we knew we'd love, something spectacular, something very rar rar and upper class. But we didn't. Because that's not who we are. Instead, we put on our glad rags, and went to see my friend play in a brass band. And you know what? It was a lot of fun.

The band was 'Besses Boys Band,' and it was their 75th anniversary. We were in Victoria Hall in Bolton, and the whole thing was being filmed, which added a little glamour to proceedings.We sat in the balcony stands, and despite mild scepticism, the time just flew. I mean, was it the night out we had envisioned? No, I thought there would be dancing. But was it fun anyway? Yes! Because there's nothing quite like putting on a new jumpsuit, and watching people with far more talent than yourself do their thing. The band even played a song from Tangled, which of course cemented them a place in my heart forevermore.

We ended the night with a drink and a chat about the future, and were back home in our pjs for 11pm {which is the key to a good night out, obvi}

Oh and, as we'd taken our time to look perdy, I insisted we take some 'cute' selfies...

They didn't exactly turn out as planned, but hey, we gave it a go ;)

Here's to many more dates with the legendary Mr G, the man of my waking dreams. And here's to Besses Boys Band, for putting on a jolly good show

L xx

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