The Wedding: From My Bridesgay's Perspective

Sunday, 16 September 2018

BACK TO WEDDING TALK WOO! And we're back with a good one - a shout out to my bridesgay, John, who was one of two of the more unconventional of my bridal party. (I also had a bridesman - straight - because why exclude your best mates based on gender?) This man is brilliant - he's funny, caring, and friendly - and, as you can see from his take on the day, quick to get drunk enough to steal my veil and yell 'sort your life out you dog' (in a jokey way, obvi) at my maid of honour when she insisted he take it off on the way home, due to him looking incredibly creepy sat at the back of our minivan, loudly singing sweet transvestite to himself as we went.

Bridesgay highlights? The fact that he made out with 2 of the remaining 3 of my bridal party. The dirty dance we performed to Pussycat Doll's Buttons. How happy he was for us.

Love him. Love it. Love how much he loved wearing that veil.

L xx

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