The Wedding: From (Cousin) Rebecca's Perspective

Friday, 7 September 2018

When we pulled the wedding forward a year, the change affected some more than most. Arguably, D's cousin Rebecca - and her husband Paul - were amongst those battered with the 'we've changed our minds' stick, since they were already midway through planning a mega trip to Texas. Oops.

For a few days and weeks we assumed they wouldn't make it, which we wouldn't have held against them in any way. I'm dying to visit Texas, so I understand the pull. However, being the fantastic people they are, they changed their plans, allowing them to come home a bit early, and be there with us on our big day. They had jet lag and tonsillitis, but they made it, and it was lovely to have them there.

These are some of their photos - I think it would be fair to say they had a nice time. And that they are amazing photographers. Absolute superstars. 🌟🌟

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