Sunflower Sunday

Monday, 17 September 2018

D fit blinds in our windows this weekend, a task we've been putting off since we moved in. And what a difference it made - the place feels so much more of a home. In celebration, we put sunflowers on the sills, and invited his whole family over for dinner. I made a tikka masala from scratch, and our funny little niece (who is posh enough to have named her wedding favour, a unicorn, 'Darling,' who likes to tell us that her favourite colour is brown, and who refuses to wear clothes that have the tags attached) made MMMMMMM noises all the way through eating it. Which is how I knew I'd done well. We chatted and ate apple pie and played with the dogs, and it was not far short of a perfect family gathering. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday - I hope yours was as good as ours

(And that your sunflowers are just as sunny🌻🌻🌻)


  1. This is all so lovely, sounds like the perfect Sunday. Your home is beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel, that's so nice of you to say xx


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