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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Bongos Bingo (with VENGABOYS! Legit the campest thing I've ever seen) with brunch club (a slightly less nerdy offshoot of book club) on Wednesday kickstarted a fierce few days of socialising. Here is a summary...

Met the girls - including Rosie, who has just started her own blog - for Bongos, ate pizza and drank wine and danced on benches and sang loudly to both Disney songs and, randomly, Kumbaya. In the meantime, D had drinks with his friend Allan, and discussed politics. Different strokes for different folks

Went for lunchtime tapas with two very good work friends, Max and Angelina. Ate a hella lot of potatoes and chorizo, whilst chatting about pretty much everything. Followed up lunch with a dinner double date with our amazing friends, Mark and Rebecca, who are GETTING MARRIED IN A WEEK! They are our faves (also accompanied Max to Lush to help buy bath bombs for his wife, never have I seen a man look so confused)

Had lunch at Slug & Lettuce with, again, Angelina, and our sassy friend Alex. Picked up Nutella filled cupcakes for myself and my desk mate, Sam, who is pictured at the bottom there looking really pleased to be socialising, because I felt sorry for him having to skip lunch due to workload. Sang along all day with trashy songs provided by resident desk DJ, Carly, before skipping out on our responsibilities early and going to Dirty Martinis for, well, martinis (and wine)

And today?
I hope to see no-one. And D has camped out on his video games in a whole other part of the house, which leads me to believe he feels the same. So in sync.

Please don't contact me unless it is an emergency, I'm busy doing nothing.

L xxx

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