Inglewood B & B

Thursday, 6 September 2018

When I told people we were staying in a B&B the night before, and night of, the wedding, I was met with but one reaction: 'oh...' My assumption is that they thought by B&B I meant 'actual dive,' when in reality what I meant was 'I've rented an entire historic building for my nearest and dearest to get ready in, have breakfast in, and generally have a fab time in before and after I say I do.

I found the Inglewood B&B on the recommendation of my venue, and went to visit with my maid of honour back in February. We both instantly fell in love, and it's actually one of the first things I booked for the wedding. When we arrived on Wednesday, it was just as beautiful as I remembered, and the perfect setting for a chilled out wedding - would recommend a thousand times over.

L xxx

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