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Sunflower Sunday

D fit blinds in our windows this weekend, a task we've been putting off since we moved in. And what a difference it made - the place feels so much more of a home. In celebration, we put sunflowers on the sills, and invited his whole family over for dinner. I made a tikka masala from scratch, a…

'You're Dead Broody You Are...'

... Said a friend at work on Friday, because I was monitoring the growth of an avocado plant. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but women do not birth avo's, so the link is kinda lost on me, ALEX, MIND YOUR OWN. (I mean, she's not wrong, but still, can't a girl coo at a plant anymor…

To Be Abundantly Clear...

... Still a cat person.

From our bed to yours, we wish you goodnight and goodmeow

Sweet dreams xx

My Favourite Part Of The Day Was...

As you can see, we took our big day super seriously.


L xx

Wedding Leftovers Pt.2

The result of that day of bag stuffing

The first try on of THE suit. Sexy beast

And the first try on of the final outfit

Trialling make up, and the MOTB outfit

Dress dress DRESS

The taming of the shrew that somehow grew out of John's eyebrows, and literally poked him in the eye. I have never se…

Wedding Leftovers Pt.1

Wedding planning on the sofa, fuelled by cheese and Netflix. Note from the change in hair colour that this exact scene occurred more than once... (our dog adores her)

A first attempt at flower girl dress shopping

And several attempts at bridesmaid dress shopping, with a wee picture I sent to Sarah…

The Wedding: Random Photos

Some more pictures from the wedding, from a mish mash of guests and suppliers (thank you so much again to everyone that took photos - we took exactly zero)

Such a good documentation of a perfect day. We love you all

A Shout Out To My Baby Girl

The youngest of our brood, who keeps me company when I work on Sundays, gives the best cuddles, and absolutely blimmin' loves her new wardrobe of bandanas

We love you very much little one, even if you did eat our carpets and shoes


The Wedding: From My Bridesgay's Perspective

BACK TO WEDDING TALK WOO! And we're back with a good one - a shout out to my bridesgay, John, who was one of two of the more unconventional of my bridal party. (I also had a bridesman - straight - because why exclude your best mates based on gender?) This man is brilliant - he's funny, car…

It Might Be Time I Start Dressing Like An Adult


Social Butterfly-ing

Bongos Bingo (with VENGABOYS! Legit the campest thing I've ever seen) with brunch club (a slightly less nerdy offshoot of book club) on Wednesday kickstarted a fierce few days of socialising. Here is a summary...

Met the girls - including Rosie, who has just started her own blog - for…
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