Two Years As Dog Parents

Friday, 17 August 2018

The internet kindly reminded D today that it's our 2 year dog-iversary. WE MADE IT TO TWO WHOLE YEARS! Honestly the first thing I'll tell anyone asking me whether they should get a puppy is 'don't get a puppy.' This one was gorgeous, she really was (still is) but was she a nightmare. She HATED me, she absolutely idolised him. It made for a hostile home life and for the longest time I really was not a fan. The constant humping of my legs didn't help - no-one wants to be used for sex.

Alas, two years in, the devil dog has mellowed out. She's learned to love me. And now D fears she may even like me best. VICTORY! Every wag of the tail is like a little thumbs up (it took her basically a year and a half to wag her tail for me. It was hard going)

Her favourite things are staring out of the window, empty sweet wrappers, and used make up pads soaked in micellar water. She also loves her baby sister, who we bought to keep her company, but is uncomfortable around any and all cats. Also the first day we got her home, she pooed in D's hands. Not really relevant to what I was saying but, ha, I love telling that story. Right in them. It was hilar.

Happy 2 years in our lives big girl, we adore you and your weirdo ways. Please live forever, OK?



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