The Second To Last Weekend

Monday, 20 August 2018

... Before we are a married couple! Blimey.

This is how we spent it:
- watching home movies from my childhood, laughing at my wierd accent and my mum's grumpy faces and the fact that I dressed as a cat (forever my outfit of choice) in one of them and demanded I be 'camcordered' because 'it's my show daaaad.' Diva

- spent an afternoon on the sofa watching The Incredibles, followed by an evening at the cinema watching The Incredibles 2. We love how adult the themes are. And D laughed like a loon on loon tablets whenever elastigirl became a parachute/speedboat/anything that wasn't human shaped

- became confused by that Pixar short movie, Bao. But left with the goal to learn to make bao (it's my fave)

- ate a lot of popcorn

- drank a lot of Sprite

- had tea at Nandos. Medium spicy, obvi

- visited his parents for a cuppa

- baked brownies (me) had a long soak in the bath (also me) played video games (him) ate brownies (both of us)

- had a lot of lemon water (me again)

- played video games on the living room tv (him) watched as he played said video games (me)

- acted like human thundershirts to the biggest dog when some fools started in with the fireworks late on Sunday night. Who are you hooligans?

- fell to sleep with face smushed into the sofa cushion, despite the warnings of all of the web pages with advice for maintaining wedding ready lash extensions (me)

- slept in and almost missed work after being forced to move from the sofa to the bed (me) ((also him, but he works from home, so there's no commute to contend with))

- cuddled a lot (all 6 of us)

Excited to be his wifey for lifey. Woop woop.

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