The Last Friday & Saturday...

Saturday, 25 August 2018

... With my current name. Argh!

I should have spent all of today doing wedding stuff. It was what, ideally, I would have done. But instead I spent the morning all alone on my maid of honour's couch watching rom coms (My Best Friend's Wedding, To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Monster In Law) drinking tea and waiting to be picked up by my groom because I GOT MY DRESS! Annnd it couldn't realistically be transported from Nottingham to Manchester by train. It was hung up in Sarah's dining room all morning, and I couldn't stop looking at it, touching it, hugging it...

Yesterday was my last day in the office for two weeks. And while it was unsurprisingly manic as I tried to get everything in a good state ahead of my handover, it was also a lovely day. I arrived to my desk looking like this, minus the prosecco, which was delivered by another friend in the afternoon. My job may not be a dream, but my colleagues are such good people. I'll miss them even if I won't miss 12 hour days, disorganised chaos, and mild mental breakdowns related to targets, pitches, and other people's lack of understanding when it comes to what my team actually does. We've spent all week listening to the best kind of music - lots of noughties indie and nineties pop - and ended on a high with the annual office 'pride barbecue,' complete with rainbow iced cupcakes. Yay to free food and to love and to being the person you were born to be (#LoveIsLove)

As soon as work was over I got a train home, got my beautiful dress, met up with my best friend, and spent my last Friday with my original name how I have spent many fridays with my original name - sprawled on the sofa with my bff, watching TV. I fell to sleep doing just that, and resumed the position upon waking, right up until my ride arrived. Rather than going straight back to Manchester, we locked up Sarah's house (she was at work, FYI) and spent an afternoon in Nottingham, buying gift bags and boxes for the bridal and groomal party, eating Five Guys, picking up doughnuts and what not. Because why not?

After pottering about for a few hours, we drove home, singing along to Celine Dion and the Beibs and Evanescence as we did so

He says I'm really distracting.

I guess tomorrow will be a busy one, then?

Have a good bank holiday weekend!
L xxx

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