Team Bride's Catchphrase

Thursday, 30 August 2018

My maid of honour has a certain way of saying the words 'oh, that's lovely.' Ever since the hen, we've all been mimicking it, and sending a hungover recording of her saying it to end pretty much all of our conversations, as well as saying it to each other repeatedly in person, always using the same tone of voice (her son is sick of hearing it.) It was inevitable, then, that after a lot of giddiness we would end up filming a weird video of us all saying it.

Have been messing about with Snapchat filters (what my mother calls 'playing our games') all day. I don't even normally use Snapchat. Hashtag how to spend your final day as an officially single woman

More substantial posts coming soon, probably. It's a very busy time

Night night! xx

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