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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

And so the time has come, that I am to be married. My mother had all but given up on this ever happening (I am 29, after all, the horror of having a daughter almost make it to her 30s without a commitment must have been absolutely mortifying) but HEY MA! I TRICKED SOMEONE INTO LOVING ME! Hope I've done you proud

As a wannabe writer turned bitter marketer soon to turn teacher, I have a niggle in me that arises every so often and tells me I should write. 'Write a novel,' it says 'put something great out into the world that will live on beyond your years and bring hope to the masses, make grown men cry and make young women see their worth' and so, to that very same voice, I reply thusly: 'gonna write a blog inn I*?' Goal achieved, the world is a better place

*I have been utterly enthralled by Love Island, and have forgotten how to communicate in non-Dani Dyer tones

To set your expectations low, I must tell you I will probably be more of a wordy blogger than a picture blogger. Although I'm told I have a nice face, and I must admit my cheekbones are pretty fab, I respond to photographs in much the same way a vampire reacts to sunlight, and so don't particularly enjoy sharing pictures of myself online. That's fine though right? It's 2018, we all have a right to choose. Girl power etc. BUT DO NOT DESPAIR! For I will, instead, share stories from wedding (to take place 5 weeks from now) and married life. Mainly the funny stuff, because I like to find the humour, and no-one wants to hear about an argument without then hearing how it was resolved. Speaking of which, our latest ended when H2B pretended to fall to sleep with his mouth wide open, like a small girl in a Japanese horror story. You can't stay mad at someone whose mouth is so wide open he might accidentally swallow the dog as he sleeps. That's just science.

Anyway, some ground oaths:
- Thou shalt not share other people's personal details. Unless they're dead funny like.
- Thou shalt never stop re-watching Pretty Little Liars

Cool? Cool.

I have to love you and leave you now - it's time to get dinner sorted. By which I mean get Netflix set up because it's two for tuesdays and oops, I accidentally ordered pizza

See you on the other side of the stuffed crust

L xx 

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