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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

As he was heading out of the office today, my colleague Tom told me about an app he'd discovered on our team's favourite daily gambling quiz, HQ Trivia. It's called Huji, and it gives photos a 90's-esque disposable camera feel. I. Am. So. Into. It.

Here is a photo I took with D to show him how amazing it is ^
This is Sam. Sam sits next to me at work. Sam is growing an avocado plant, that we check in on on the daily. It's going really well, Sam says. He's a little obsessed with this avocado, is Sam. I'm a big fan.

This is Manchester.

We went for wine and chips with herby mayo at our fave bar, Allotment, where we met our wedding DJ for a chat. He was fab, and very amused by our proclamation of 'yeah, lots of indie. OH and the Grease mega mix.' Exciting!

I made D take selfies with me. He got bored fast.

Blue Steel

We took the train (look how crappy Northern Rail is) home, and D napped off the wine while I read my trashy book

And then I took photos with the pets while D headed out to visit a friend, who is in town early for the wedding. The oldest cat refused my advances. Cow

I have put my phone down now (reluctantly) and am going to head up for a bath. Might have a bit more brownie. Maybe another cup of tea. Go WILD!

Nighty night xxx

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