It's All Fun And Games Until...

Sunday, 26 August 2018

... four days before your wedding, when you're sat on the living room floor, making up 80 pick and mix favours while your fiancé sleeps off a late night video game tournament (he's the sexiest nerd I know.) So far I have made up 10 of 80 bags. I feel like I've been sat here for hours. Heaven help me

Also on today's to do list:
- Lay flowers on grandparents graves as a mark of respect before the big day
- Confirm all bookings (bigger job than it sounds)
- Possibly make a carbonara? 🤔

Back to the grind...

Update: 11:32am. He came and helped me finish the job. He's now singing Despacito loudly and making my ponytail dance. You just can't win sometimes

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