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Friday, 10 August 2018

Right now, I have a steaming cup of tea. I am under not one, but two blankets - one of which is extremely fluffy (the other of which is patterned in the way of a vintage canal boat, which is neither here nor there but still, worth a mention.) Nest is set to 21 degrees, which I never normally get away with. I am re-watching PLL AGAIN. I am surrounded by animals. And the house. is. quiet.

No-one laughing loudly at video games (dunno why they're so funny, I don't speak that strain of nerd), no-one asking if I've put my washing away yet. Nothing, nada.

It's bliss.

You see, my pally's, D is on his stag do. And while I'll obviously miss him, I'm always super happy to just have a couple of days to chill. I started my weekend of me time with a new book, pot of tea and chocolate fudge cake at Waterstones, followed by Chinese food, followed by pjs on the sofa - which is my current state. I'm dead comfy and, believe me, this is just the tonic - I have had THE WORST week imaginable at work, my eyes are sore from crying, and I just need some headspace. So while he's off having the time of his life with his blokey mates, I am here with the cat, having the time of mine.

As for the rest of the weekend? Tomorrow my BFF is over with her kids, and on Sunday I'm grabbing lunch with another good friend, who is also getting married soon. She's a total babe. Y'all would love her

*pulls up blanket, sips tea, stares dead eyed at Netflix 'til bedtime*

L xx

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