Hen Night Highlights

Saturday, 11 August 2018

These photos aren't of the best quality, since all were taken on phones when inebriated, but I wanted to document them anyway. Because if your wedding day is the best day of your life, your hen is deffo the best day before the best day.

I loved every second of mine, and my MOH did such a fab job of getting everyone together, planning our entire weekend, and ensuring we all had fun - she did me proud.

Here is what we did:
Started the morning with breakfast at a quirky pub, after checking into our quirky hotel. Everyone started on the booze early except me - four of us had met the night before and gotten a little squiffy, so I was on a bid for rehydration. Due to this, I had a tea and a hot water with lemon alongside my full english. Everyone got to know each other with such everyday topics as 'how do you know the bride?' and 'do you think I could make my fortune selling worn knickers on eBay?'

Went to a cocktail masterclass at Revolution, where we all had to choose funny nicknames (most notable: 'Homo number one' and 'flappy,' which inevitably got shortened to 'flaps') before being taught how to make a range of cocktails, which left us with a hella lot of candy flavoured alcholols to consume. After we were taught the tricks of the trade, we lined up in twos to complete a Love Island-esque activity, that involved one person covering their eyes and standing behind the second person, who had to direct them in how to make cocktails. It was hilarious and terrifying all at once - I thought Homo number one was going to accidentally break my nose with the shaker at one point

Had a three course meal at Pitcher and Piano, Nottingham's local pub in a church. I had halluomi fries, peri peri chicken and the most delicious brownie known to mankind. We were surrounded by balloons, and all drank lots of wine while chatting. It was the perfect way to line our stomachs

Went for a drink in the caves under the city, which were accessed via a very suspect corridor, and were quite damp, but also quirky in the best way. We had prosecco while three out of four of the bridal party disappeared. Turns out they were...

... Decorating our hotel room! I was sharing with my brides men and my maid of honour, who had snuck off to string up banners, hang a 'pin the penis on the naked man' drawing on the wall, blow up balloons and throw tiny glitter penises everywhere. We all showered, and then they blindfolded me and dressed me as a cat. One by one everyone appeared wearing various get ups beginning with 'C', we pinned the penis, and set out into the night, where we started at Revs, went on to Pit and Pendulum, and ended up at my all time favourite grungey indie club, ROCK CITY!..

... Where we jumped around and danced and bumped and grinded until 3am. It was amazing.

The night ended with a McDonald's, a lot of laughter and messing about in the room (I was walking like a dinosaur, and Sarah and I tried to sneak up and scare the boys by crawling up to their bed - it didn't work, they heard us giggling) before falling to sleep as soon as heads hit pillows. In the morning we had pancakes at Bill's, and all headed home to recover

Like I said, best day/night of my life to date. I hope D's stag is just as successful (I've just been sent a video of him dressed in a mankini, getting into a hot tub, so... my hopes are high, ha!)

L xxx

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