Thursday, 30 August 2018

"I do"


Team Bride's Catchphrase

My maid of honour has a certain way of saying the words 'oh, that's lovely.' Ever since the hen, we've all been mimicking it, and sending a hungover recording of her saying it to end pretty much all of our conversations, as well as saying it to each other repeatedly in person, always using the same tone of voice (her son is sick of hearing it.) It was inevitable, then, that after a lot of giddiness we would end up filming a weird video of us all saying it.

Have been messing about with Snapchat filters (what my mother calls 'playing our games') all day. I don't even normally use Snapchat. Hashtag how to spend your final day as an officially single woman

More substantial posts coming soon, probably. It's a very busy time

Night night! xx

Bridal Party

Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Two Days Prior

Yesterday was our last full day together as an unmarried couple, and we spent it in style - there was a couples massage (accidentally booked a thai one, feel like we've been beaten up), lunch at Teacup Kitchen, a manicure and eyelash extension top up (for me), Suits pick up, hot chocolate with our photographer, tea with D's parents, and cuddles at the end of the day. It was exhausting. I'm about to leave now for my hotel - after which we will have no contact until I get to the end of the aisle. EEEE!

Photos show: D waiting for his beats / Breakfast \ A favourite song from our breakfast playlist / D teaching his Dad to tie a cravat \ our oldest cat getting comfortable on our very expensive suit hire -girl got taste

It's All Fun And Games Until...

Sunday, 26 August 2018

... four days before your wedding, when you're sat on the living room floor, making up 80 pick and mix favours while your fiancé sleeps off a late night video game tournament (he's the sexiest nerd I know.) So far I have made up 10 of 80 bags. I feel like I've been sat here for hours. Heaven help me

Also on today's to do list:
- Lay flowers on grandparents graves as a mark of respect before the big day
- Confirm all bookings (bigger job than it sounds)
- Possibly make a carbonara? 🤔

Back to the grind...

Update: 11:32am. He came and helped me finish the job. He's now singing Despacito loudly and making my ponytail dance. You just can't win sometimes


Saturday, 25 August 2018

I loved him so I photographed him. That is all.

Five Guys Burgers And Fries

If you ask D, he will insist that this was his first ever Five Guys. It wasn't, we had one when I took him to a Star Wars exhibition in London, but I'll let him off.

He went for a D classic - cheeseburger with just ketchup, and a cloudy lemonade. Not what you'd call an adventurous choice, but he's a man that knows what he likes and I have to respect that, even if I did really want his opinion on whether Grape Fanta tasted nasty or nice (still not sure)

His verdict? 'That was really good'

My response? 'Duh'


L xx

The Last Friday & Saturday...

... With my current name. Argh!

I should have spent all of today doing wedding stuff. It was what, ideally, I would have done. But instead I spent the morning all alone on my maid of honour's couch watching rom coms (My Best Friend's Wedding, To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Monster In Law) drinking tea and waiting to be picked up by my groom because I GOT MY DRESS! Annnd it couldn't realistically be transported from Nottingham to Manchester by train. It was hung up in Sarah's dining room all morning, and I couldn't stop looking at it, touching it, hugging it...

Yesterday was my last day in the office for two weeks. And while it was unsurprisingly manic as I tried to get everything in a good state ahead of my handover, it was also a lovely day. I arrived to my desk looking like this, minus the prosecco, which was delivered by another friend in the afternoon. My job may not be a dream, but my colleagues are such good people. I'll miss them even if I won't miss 12 hour days, disorganised chaos, and mild mental breakdowns related to targets, pitches, and other people's lack of understanding when it comes to what my team actually does. We've spent all week listening to the best kind of music - lots of noughties indie and nineties pop - and ended on a high with the annual office 'pride barbecue,' complete with rainbow iced cupcakes. Yay to free food and to love and to being the person you were born to be (#LoveIsLove)

As soon as work was over I got a train home, got my beautiful dress, met up with my best friend, and spent my last Friday with my original name how I have spent many fridays with my original name - sprawled on the sofa with my bff, watching TV. I fell to sleep doing just that, and resumed the position upon waking, right up until my ride arrived. Rather than going straight back to Manchester, we locked up Sarah's house (she was at work, FYI) and spent an afternoon in Nottingham, buying gift bags and boxes for the bridal and groomal party, eating Five Guys, picking up doughnuts and what not. Because why not?

After pottering about for a few hours, we drove home, singing along to Celine Dion and the Beibs and Evanescence as we did so

He says I'm really distracting.

I guess tomorrow will be a busy one, then?

Have a good bank holiday weekend!
L xxx

My Wedding Ring Has Arrived

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

So that's 2 for 2. And in just over a week I will be promising to wear this ring every day from now until forever. How cool is that?


Gotta go carry on reading now, Gi Fletcher has really sucked me in

L xx

Life Through A 90's Filter

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

As he was heading out of the office today, my colleague Tom told me about an app he'd discovered on our team's favourite daily gambling quiz, HQ Trivia. It's called Huji, and it gives photos a 90's-esque disposable camera feel. I. Am. So. Into. It.

Here is a photo I took with D to show him how amazing it is ^
This is Sam. Sam sits next to me at work. Sam is growing an avocado plant, that we check in on on the daily. It's going really well, Sam says. He's a little obsessed with this avocado, is Sam. I'm a big fan.

This is Manchester.

We went for wine and chips with herby mayo at our fave bar, Allotment, where we met our wedding DJ for a chat. He was fab, and very amused by our proclamation of 'yeah, lots of indie. OH and the Grease mega mix.' Exciting!

I made D take selfies with me. He got bored fast.

Blue Steel

We took the train (look how crappy Northern Rail is) home, and D napped off the wine while I read my trashy book

And then I took photos with the pets while D headed out to visit a friend, who is in town early for the wedding. The oldest cat refused my advances. Cow

I have put my phone down now (reluctantly) and am going to head up for a bath. Might have a bit more brownie. Maybe another cup of tea. Go WILD!

Nighty night xxx

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