Photo Dump

Friday, 26 October 2018

{About a million photos incoming. You have been warned}

First things first, we went AXE THROWING! It was a double date with D's soul mate v good friend, and his new squeeze. She is lovely. D won overall, but that bullseye he's pointing at? That was MINE! I made him pose with it after he smugly entered the round against me with the words 'looks like she wants to lose, going against me'


We went to Beeston last week, and stopped in at Bendigo Lounge for lunch. I've never seen D so enthusiastic about a chicken salad {"THIS IS AMAZING!"}, and I've remade the chorizo hash twice at home already

We also admired the local street art, and bought some jam at the farmer's market. It's lush

I spy a local hero, hidden in the blur

We discovered the perfect boy's and girl's bedrooms in a weird show home just off the motorway {v. Stepford Wives, it was}

Went for ice cream, because apparently it's warm in October now

And met a woman WALKING HER OWL, dead casual like, in Wollaton Park. It had a very soft head. But apparently it eats live chicks for breakfast so adding one to our brood is a no from me

Speaking of wildlife, I spent far too many minutes on Sat trying to coax this lad out from under our car, to very limited success. And we found some wildflowers! Again, it's October. What's cracking off?

Spent the night at my mama's, eating lasagne and fussing the dogs

And, last but not least, and to conclude this photo dump, we went for a carvery with the twins and their mother. Look how old this child looks. From 8 to 28 in the blink of an eye. Time sure does fly from tantrum to tantrum ;)

Lottie xxx

In A Slump / Over The Hump

Thursday, 25 October 2018

We got turned down for the mortgage amount we needed for our dream house this week, despite both being absolutely baller and having plenty of money both in the bank and coming in to justify what we wanted to borrow. The reason? We're self employed. Ay carumba mama mia the world does like to punish those that try to make their own way through non-traditional means

As the move was going to take us back to be close to my family and my best friend, this news has put me on a bit of a downer. So I've stayed away from the internet and most other forms of communication in order to avoid coming across as a bitter old hag. Which is exactly what I have become over the past few days, I will be completely honest

But a turning point hath cometh and, last night, whilst making a nice meal together and listening to a YouTube playlist called 'music for cooking,' D and I agreed that it's not the end of the world, that we'll make the best of having to stay in the north west for longer than is desirable, and that we would just both continue working hard until the day the bank acknowledges our efforts and MAKES IT RAIN

So, despite my slump, I am 99% now over the hump, but wanted to share this anyway, because life sucks sometimes and marriage isn't a perfect thing and neither is any other aspect of life. Also to dump a couple of photos that don't do the home we wanted to grow old in justice, because there were puppies, and I got distracted photographing them rather than the property. (That picture of the dog was meant to showcase the enormous garden, for example...)

Back with an overview of the last week soon. Hope your mood has been much better than mine ;)


The Others

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Just because they don't get enough coverage

Because their siblings are camera hogs.

And while said siblings are busy posing,

They're off in the background, forming an unlikely friendship

Which may sound sweet, but

You don't know our cat.

... I am concerned.

Dear Godchild

We will never be perfect godparents.

Here is why:
We are not religious

We do not believe in accrediting our achievements to a higher being

We don't know the words to the songs.


Here is what we can do:
We can always be around if you need us

We can cook your favourite foods when you come to visit

We can buy you things with unicorns on them

And we can always sneak you an extra chocolate bar

We can help with future schoolwork, should you ever need it

Lend you books that will broaden your world

And let you walk our dogs {once you're big enough to control them}

We can offer guidance of a non-spirtual kind

Sing songs of a non-religious persuasion {T Swift & Ed Sheeran being our specialty, we real basic}

Celebrate your achievements {made without the hand of god}


Most importantly

Always love you.

We will never be perfect godparents, but we'll do our best to be a perfect aunt and uncle

Even if that means taking selfies with you, at your insistence, during mealtimes...

Unless we're also eating. That time is sacred.


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